How Our Outside-The-Box Solutions Save You Money

May 21, 2021

Our Out-Of-The-Box Ideas Save Homeowners
Money… With The SAME Stunning Results

How We Solve Tricky, Complicated Problems
Through Brainstorming

“Help! I’m selling my house and need to replace my roof!”

This is a phrase we have heard many times throughout our years as roofers, and typically it’s one that no one wants to hear. When it comes time to sell your home, the last thing you want to think about is one final big remodeling project on top of everything else.

Replacing the entire roofing system on any home is no small feat, let alone a sizable investment for most homeowners. The most common reason homeowners replace their roofs right before selling is to increase the home’s overall value through improved curb appeal, energy efficiency, and safety.

While a complete roof replacement might be required in some cases, in others, we can achieve the same results through less invasive and less expensive measures. Finding long-lasting solutions without breaking the bank is just one way we have our customers’ best interests in mind — not our profits.

Here’s How We Do It

Before suggesting one remodeling service versus another, we first gather as much information about the property and the homeowner’s wishes. If a roofer doesn’t offer repair or maintenance services, they will spend every last breath trying to convince you that a total roof replacement is the only way to go.

At Roof Worx, we don’t limit our customers to the service that brings in the most money.

After a comprehensive investigation of the home in question, we lay out various options for the homeowner based on what they are trying to accomplish. If the goal is to improve the look of the roof simply, we can repair areas of the roof that are damaged or even spray the roof with a coating to make it shine like new again.

And if a full roof replacement is the best way to go, we can often reuse components of the roofing system that are still in perfect condition, such as the insulation, flashings, underlayment, and more. While we rarely reuse roofing materials and prefer to install brand-new components, we offer this option for homeowners on a tight budget.

Looks Aren’t Everything

There are many reasons homeowners feel the need to replace their roof right before selling that goes beyond simply looking nice. Since the idea is to get as much money as possible, many homeowners will dish out their hard-earned cash for a roof replacement in hopes of a higher asking price.

But many home buyers and appraisal personnel focus on more prominent aspects of a roofing system, specifically how it positively or negatively affects the home. Roofs are the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions and play an essential role in maintaining safety and a comfortable living temperature within the home.

Whatever your goals may be, we can custom-tailor our products and services to make them happen.

We Even Saved One Greeley Business Over $70,000

In 2021, we were bidding on a contract to replace the entire roof for a business in Greeley. In the beginning, the business owner, we can call him Mark, assumed that his entire roof would need replacing and he would have to pay entirely out of pocket. That is, after all, what other roofers were telling him would need to happen.

After digging into Mark’s roofing project, we found a way to replace the entire roof for $70,000 less than anyone else in the area.


We read the specs on Mark’s roof and the warranty required for the project provided at the installation time. Then, we called up a couple of low slope manufacturer’s to get additional information on how to help Mark.

Since his roof was still maintaining its original manufacturer warranty, we finagled a way to have Mark’s new roof covered by his warranty on top of an additional 20-year warranty bundled in with the new roof.

After laying out how we could get Mark’s new roof installed for considerably less than the competition, the last thing left is sticking to our word and making it happen. Our out-of-the-box problem-solving methods saved Mark a ton of money, and he now has an impeccable roof to show for it.

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