Historic Roof Restoration: What To Expect

February 22, 2021

Historic Roof Restoration In Denver:
What To Expect

All roof renovations are a big job, but when you’re renovating a historic roof, it brings a whole new set of things to consider. If you want to ensure that you maintain the look and integrity of your roof, you need professional roofers with historic roofing experience.

This blog post details some things that you should expect when you undertake such a task for your home.

Not Any Roofing Company Will Do

While you should always choose your roofing company with care, it’s even more important when you’re having a historic roof restored. The company you choose will be working on more than just restoring your roof; they will be helping to preserve history.

Therefore, when choosing a company, be sure to choose one that specializes in historic roofing, and then follow this checklist:

  • Ask questions about other historic roof repairs they have done.
  • Ask for references, and take the time to check them.
  • Look through their portfolio to see samples of their work.

If you’re in Colorado, rest assured that our team of professionals at Roof Worx has years of experience in historic roof restoration. Contact us today.

Roof Restoration Analysis

While the hope is always that restoration is an option, there may be cases where it’s not. This is why it’s important to call for help as soon as you notice that your roof is having issues. Your local roofing expert will diagnose the roof and let you know what needs to be done.

Additional Steps

The roofing company you choose should be responsible for several additional steps that are not required for traditional roofing jobs. Here are some things a roofing company can help with for your historic roof:

  • Work within local city ordinances (depending on where your home is located). If your home is a historical landmark or in a historic neighborhood, there could be limitations on renovations.
  • However, roof replacement is normally allowed AND could get you a tax credit.
  • Work with historians and architects to determine the best course of action for restoring the roof.
  • Research that period of history, as it pertains to roofing.
  • Search for authentic materials to mimic the era when the roof was originally installed.
  • As often as possible, the company will use original materials and parts. When this isn’t possible, they work hard to incorporate modern materials without compromising the look of the roof. Historical accuracy is vital.

Longer Time Frame

Due to the additional steps, like researching and searching for the right materials, it takes a bit longer to restore a historical roof in comparison to a non-historic one. Keep in mind that the roofers will use extreme caution when working on your roof, so as not to cause further damage. A traditional roof repair does not require such care, so it will take less time and effort.

Historic roof restoration is worth a bit of extra effort. Modern roofing is far different from the roofs of the past. A modern roof would look out of place on a historic building, and would completely ruin the look. And sometimes, it’s even against local ordinances. Take the time to choose a company with experience in historic roof repair. You will be rewarded with a stunning roof that instantly takes you back in time to another era.

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