Her Leaking Roof Was Only 3 Years Old

May 20, 2024

Her Roof Was Only Three Years Old, But It
Was Already Leaking And Falling Apart

Margaret Was Wary Of Trusting Roofers Again
But We Soon Made Her A True Believer

Margaret in Denver learned something that she feared would cost her an outrageous amount of money, time, and effort – her deteriorating roof needed replacement.


What upset her the most was that she had only recently faced a similar problem and had paid to have that issue resolved. But now she faced more roof problems.

“We found out the horrible news that we needed roof repair. Our roof had been replaced only three years ago, so it was devastating.”

It didn’t seem fair, and it left her with a difficult decision. Should she contact her old roofers and ask them to repair their work? Or should she find a new contractor and trust that they’d do a better job?

She didn’t trust the first contractor – given that her new roof was already falling apart – but she didn’t know of any other reputable companies offhand either.

After careful consideration, she decided to ask her old roofers to repair their work. Even though they’d disappointed her the first time, at least they were familiar with her roof.

Besides, her warranty should cover at least some of the cost.


Who Could She Trust To Fix Her Roof?

Unfortunately, she soon discovered that her previous roofers had gone out of business not long after they’d completed her project. They were no longer around to stand by their work, so she had to find a new roofing team.

But, by now, she was wary of hiring any local roofers

Could she find a roofing contractor with a sterling reputation she could trust? The last one had not only installed the materials improperly and sold her a roof with a diminished lifespan but also had gone bankrupt and failed to honor her warranty.

She had wasted time, effort, and thousands of dollars. Could it happen again?

It could, but she was determined that it wouldn’t.

“Because the last company was no longer in business, we knew we needed to be cautious about who we chose to perform the work. The previous company had failed to install the shingles, siding, and flashing correctly.”

Before hiring the next roofing company, she did her due diligence. “This time,” she vowed, “she would not get a nasty surprise.”

The Search For Quality Begins

Margaret spent weeks investigating her options. She read online customer reviews, solicited recommendations from friends, and finally contacted multiple roofing companies. She had them provide estimates and asked each candidate how long they’d been in business and how many projects like hers they’d completed.

Finally, when she met Mike, our Roof Worx sales representative, she knew she’d found the team she wanted to work with.

Why did we click?

Because Mike was personable and cordial, and he REALLY knew his stuff. He treated Margaret and her husband respectfully and offered lots of insightful input and advice on custom roofing solutions.

“After several estimates, we met with Mike, who provided a reasonable estimate without pressure! We felt most comfortable choosing Roof Worx to do our roof repair. Mike was very polite, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. He gave us a lot of good advice. He was also very professional and courteous.”

Perhaps the factor that won Margaret over the most was that Mike did not play any mind games and used no high-pressure sales tactics to convince the couple to sign with Roof Worx. We simply do not condone or accept that type of behavior from our sales team.

Instead, we instruct them to give potential clients all the information they need to choose us and then leave them alone to confer and make a decision.

The Smoothest Of Processes

Did Margaret make the right decision when she hired us? Was she happy with our work?

She certainly was.

We kept every promise we made to her, from our estimated price to the start and completion dates.

We kept her and her husband in the loop at every stage of the project and met – or exceeded – her every expectation. We installed the highest-quality materials and paid attention to the tiniest details.

“Roof Worx and their staff were very accommodating to our schedule. The repair went as planned. The crew was great! They arrived on time and cleaned up very nicely. Our experience with Roof Worx was incredible from the beginning to completion. I would highly recommend Roof Worx to anyone who needs work done on their roof. I want to say THANK YOU to Roof Worx, Mike, Justin, and the crew.

And thank YOU, Margaret, for your generous review.

We’re overjoyed that she decided to trust us after her catastrophic first roofing experience, and we’re happy we were able to win her over with our quality workmanship and experienced professionalism.

So, if you need roof repair or replacement and want to work with a team you can trust, contact Roof Worx in the Denver Metro area for a free estimate today.

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