Hail-Damaged Roof? Here’s What It’s Like When We Handle It

December 14, 2023
Case Study

I’ve Got A Hail-Damaged Roof! What Happens
If I Call Roof Worx In Thornton For Help?

Using Customer Reviews, We Look At The Experience
For Boulder County Folks…In Their Own Words

Here in the Colorado Front Range area, we deal with a lot of hail. It’s a thing. And at Roof Worx, we help people through the process every year – Residential Roof Repair and Roof Replacement have been the bread and butter of our business for decades.

Now, while we can go on and on about what makes us different (our service and results) and better than your average roofer (experience and oversight), how about we let our customers do the talking?

We’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews from people in the Boulder County area, and many of them involve hail-damaged roofs.

Review #1: As Easy As 1, 2, 3
At Making The Process Smoother

“After a recent hailstorm, Roof Worx came out and inspected our roof to help us determine the amount of damage.”

You bet! Part of what we call our Gray-Hair Professionalism is offering the best, most thorough, most transparent, and dependable roof inspections in the Colorado Front Range from Cheyenne, WY, south to Colorado Springs.

“They returned to our residence when the insurance company came out to do their damage assessment. They used a drone to inspect and didn’t find all of the damage Roof Worx had, so their rep insisted the insurance guys go up and take a closer look.”

It’s nice to have seasoned roofing guys advocating for you during this part of the process. Many homeowners haven’t the slightest clue and will likely just nod in the affirmative to whatever the insurance rep says if there isn’t someone to ENSURE all the damage is accounted for.

“With his help and in-depth knowledge about insurance policies, he made sure we got the repairs we needed and were entitled to. Roof Worx came and replaced the roof right away!”

We move fast! That’s true, especially when a residential roof is wreaking havoc on a local family’s lives. If you dig deeper into our local reputation in the area, you’ll see we’re known for quick, detailed, high-caliber roofing work.

“They did a great job, were very respectful, and did a fantastic job cleaning up when they were done. Their rep personally came out to ensure we were happy with the new roof and all our questions were answered. We’d highly recommend them – they were impressively knowledgeable about their products and insurance policies and amazing at communicating through every step!”

Review #2: Aiding Overwhelmed Homeowners
Is One Of Our Proudest Specialties

“Trying to replace your roof after hail damage can be seriously overwhelming.”

It’s true. And the thing is, most homeowners only replace a roof one, MAYBE twice in a lifetime. So how could they possibly know what to expect? Suddenly, all the horror stories they’ve heard from family, friends, and neighbors begin hitting MUCH closer to home.

“Luckily, Roof Worx introduced themselves to our family. Not only did my home need a roof, but both of my rentals as well! I’d heard all the horror stories of trying to deal with roofing contractors and the scams involved with them…”

With Roof Worx, you don’t have to worry about sales pressure nonsense, ridiculous scams, or the run-around treatment. We despise those cliche things as much as the next person.

“They were nothing but professional and have backed up their word 100% since the start of the process. Three roofs were replaced in under two days with great communication going forward with billing and dealing with my insurance company.“

Review #3: A Quick Summary Of
Our Process And What To Expect

“Really appreciate the work the Roof Worx team did for us after the hail storm we got in Firestone May ’23. They helped out with the insurance claim, made sure we got as much money as possible, and did a great job of coordinating the work and timing.”

We show up. We ensure a proper inspection is done. We ensure you get everything you deserve under your claim. We get the work done. We clean up…it’s like clockwork for us after so many years and thousands of projects. For you, it’s peace of mind and a heartfelt handshake with a smile.

“Roof Worx is a very professional company. They make sure you know what to expect when they come to replace your roof and set expectations perfectly, and they follow through on what they say they’ll do. We’ve had some good rain since it was finished, and I can confidently say- no leaks!”

Are we perfect? Nope. But the good news is if there was a leak, that gentleman knew he could call us, and we’d come running! FULL accountability is our middle name.

Let Roof Worx Address Your Hail-Damaged Roof
And Rest Easy, Knowing It’ll Get Done Right

If you’re dealing with Hail and Storm Damage on your roof, reach out and connect with the Roof Worx team. We’ll happily answer your initial questions, then get someone out to help! You can either give us a call at (303) 353-1825, or if it’s not an emergency, our website’s easy Contact Us form. In either case, we look forward to hearing from you and getting your home back to its former glory.

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