Why We Use EagleView Technology For Estimates

June 10, 2021

How We Use EagleView Technology To Give You
Quick, Safe, & Accurate Estimates

One of the ways that Roof Worx is able to keep our costs low and provide such fast and competitive estimates to property owners is by using a service called EagleView. EagleView allows us to quickly get accurate measurements of the roof. We use it when a roof is too steep or high for our estimators to safely get an accurate scope of the roof.

Since EagleView is a neutral third-party and provides the industry accepted standard for measurements, we use it to settle any differences between what the insurance adjuster and our estimator have measured.

EagleView provides a three-dimensional drawing of the roof from images that are obtained from low-flying aircraft, hence the name “EagleView.” If an aerial image is not available, then satellite technology can be used to produce a two-dimensional image.

The drawing and measurements provide information that we use to calculate exactly how large your roof is, and it can even identify other items on your roof like skylights. This can minimize waste and help keep your costs down, as well as being more environmentally-friendly than ordering more materials than needed. EagleViews are also much safer because the estimator does not have to actually climb up on your roof.

Roof Worx’s prescription for quality includes using the latest technology and quality materials to make sure your roof is strong and healthy for whatever Mother Nature decides to – literally! – throw at it next. We serve Colorado’s Front Range, including the areas that were recently hit by hail: Parker, Aurora, Denver, Castle Rock, Ft. Morgan, Colorado Springs, Eaton, and Alton. As a growing company, we also serve the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area with our professional, quality roof work. 

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