What Happens When Flashing Is Not Installed Properly

July 12, 2022

Why The Flashing On Your Denver Roof
Must Be Meticulously Installed

In our industry sometimes we run into repair scenarios due to improper installation from our competitors. A new roof is a great thing and adds many benefits to your home aesthetically and reduces the risk of leaking if installed properly. Shown in this picture is shiny brand new flashing from a Denver roof that was just completed by one of our competitors.

We were called to the property due to the Denver roof failing a city inspection and the original roofer not taking responsibility to remedy the problem. In this particular scenario, code compliance requires either the step flashing be tucked behind the siding or the application of another product that covers the top side of this flashing (step flashing) with a product called “counter flashing”. This counter flashing has a built in channel that receives a line of sealant and covers the top edge of the step flashing metal shown in this picture. Unfixed, rain at all would simply track down the wall and go behind the step flashing which consequently goes underneath the roofing products DIRECTLY into the home.

Here at Roof Worx, your local Denver roofing company we train our installers constantly on code compliance and will not call an inspection in to the city / county until our certified inspectors visit the property to ensure code compliance.

We strive for excellence and continuously work on being your “Prescription for Quality”.

The Roof Worx, LLC Team is your local Denver Roofing Repair Company. 

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