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May 11, 2023

See How We Underbid This Project By $25K
And Still Delivered World-Class Results!

We Charge What It Takes To Do The Job Right …
Not A Penny More

Even though we’ve served Denver Metro for 20+ years, we still compete with every other roofing and exterior remodeling company for lots of the same projects. While we earn clients through many different avenues, including word of mouth and our online reputation, we often utilize an online platform called BidNet to connect with people looking to hire a remodeling crew.

BidNet is an online service for government agencies such as local governments, the Marines, Air Force, and Navy that acts as a public database of the projects they’re looking to have done. Then contractors like ourselves can submit a bid to be considered for the job.

Broadening our horizon into the world of government contracts builds our core talent base and strengthens the Roof Worx name in our communities, but they aren’t always the most lucrative. The most important thing we focus on is what each remodeling experience brings to the table and how we can learn and grow from it, not how to maximize profits.

And sometimes, we will even underbid ourselves to secure a project we see value in.

One Time We Actually Bid So Low For A Job,
They Didn’t Believe We Could Do It!

Unfortunately, General Contractors get a bad reputation for trying to squeeze every penny out of their customers in any way possible. With all of the various costs associated with remodeling projects, it can be quite easy to confuse clients into a higher price tag than a reputable contractor who cares about their well-being would charge.

So, when we bid $25,000 less than anyone else for a government agency project, they thought we were pulling their leg. After explaining our process and providing an extensive portfolio of our past work, it became abundantly clear that we could complete the job at hand. Yes we left money on the table, but we also made money, kept our team working, and installed a great roofing system.

But the question remains: how could we offer our services at such a lower price?

Now We Had To Prove Ourselves
Without Going Over Budget

Our jaw-droppingly low bid wasn’t a way to undercut the competition. We were able to bid lower because of our A) processes, B) experience, and C) industry relationships.

When the client first questioned us about our surprisingly low bid, we broke it down for them. For starters, we utilize all in-house employees who’ve been with us for years — not subcontractors who charge an arm and a leg.

After learning more about the project, the scope of work was relatively simple for our experienced crew. The client wanted a new metal Pro-Panel roof that’s much quicker to install than standing seam, so we factored that into our quote.

Since we know the remodeling industry well, we were also able to lock in phenomenal material costs early on in the project timeline. Couple that with our exceptional planning methods and total confidence in our roofers — and we had no problem offering an aggressively low price.

Contractors who are less experienced in the remodeling industry typically pay higher prices for materials and hire any subcontractor they can get their hands on, resulting in a longer project timeline and more labor hours.

After securing the project, we installed the new Pro-Panel roof in about a week, and the client couldn’t be happier.

pro panel metal roof installation roof

Why We Decided To Take A Project We Knew
Wouldn’t Turn Much Of A Profit

When remodeling homes and businesses in the Denver area, we have an ‘on’ season when the weather is ideal enough to work outside and an ‘off-season’ when many people prefer to put off their remodeling projects.

During the off-season, many roofing companies let their workers go until the spring when business picks up again, leaving their employees stranded without guaranteed work. At Roof Worx, we recognize the value behind reliable and passionate employeesand always find a way to keep them busy throughout the slow season.

In this case of the “shockingly low bid,” we knew that even if we didn’t turn a noticeable profit, at least our family of employees could stay busy and gain valuable experience along the way.

Call Roof Worx For Straightforward Roof Replacements
Without The Pricing Games

We believe Roof Worx wouldn’t be as successful by solely focusing on maximizing profits. We’re trusted community members recognized for our dedication to providing exceptional roofing and exterior remodeling services at a fair price. When Coloradans need a reliable company that skips the games and gimmicks, they choose us.

With affordable financing options for qualifying customers, we have remodeling options for all budgets. Contact Us today to jump-start your roof replacement, or grab the phone and call us at (303) 353-1825.

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