Benefits Of A GAF Solar Roof

May 13, 2024

9 Benefits Of A GAF Solar Roof In Arvada, CO

How A Solar Roofing System May Be The Smartest
Decision You’ll Make For Your Home

A GAF solar roof in Arvada, CO is a highly beneficial roofing option that may save you money on energy bills. GAF makes the world’s first nailable solar shingle that lays flush against the roof deck. The system is durable, looks seamless, and may even boost resale value.

Roof Worx loves helping the communities in Jefferson County gain independence and boost energy savings with GAF solar roofing. We believe in these roofing systems due to their many benefits.

1. Save Energy With A GAF Solar Roof

One of the main reasons people choose solar power is to save energy, which is a smart and commendable choice. Solar roofing systems are upgraded versions of traditional solar panels, creating a seamless way to save energy.

GAF even has a customer portal that allows you to track your output and clean energy production. So you don’t have to wonder about your savings – they’re available right at your fingertips with full transparency.

2. A GAF Roofing System Can Save You
Money On Energy Bills In Arvada, CO

Solar roofing can produce energy at a lower cost than your electric company. So, the more energy you create with your solar roof, the less energy you need from another source. It’s even possible for you to get credit if you send energy that you don’t use back to the grid.

3. GAF Solar Shingles Create A Watertight Surface

GAF’s solar roofing system is made of shingles, not panels or bulky tiles. The shingles are installed to be watertight and handle winds up to 130 mph. They are also much better for your roof than other options because they require fewer holes and are installed seamlessly onto your roof without gaps or large brackets.

4. Nailable Solar Shingles Offer A Seamless Integration

GAF solar shingles are easy to miss on a roof of the same color. They blend into the rest of your roof, unlike other solar roofing options. The aesthetic appeal alone is enough to let you know that GAF’s seamless roofing system is the future of solar-powered homes.

5. Gain Independence With GAF Energy Production

Solar energy grants a unique independence and sustainability. When you choose solar energy, you produce and store your electricity to lessen your reliance on the grid. Not only are you gaining partial independence from other energy sources, but you’re also helping the country gain energy independence by utilizing local energy sources.

6. Get Tax Credits When You Become
A GAF Energy Customer

When you choose solar roofing, you may qualify for a tax incentive under the Residential Clean Energy Credit. The incentive could be thousands of dollars, but this varies greatly depending on the roofing you choose, your region, and your particular circumstances. Talk to your tax advisor to find out how much you may qualify for.

7. Boost Resale Value In Jefferson
County With A GAF Solar Roof

Many potential homebuyers look for solar energy in listings. It’s the future, and many Arvada, CO buyers want to be active participants in that future. Although any type of solar energy source will boost resale value, the seamless design of GAF solar shingles is a huge selling point.

8. Get An Enhanced Warranty With GAF

GAF solar roofing systems can come with a competitive 25-year warranty for Solar Power Output and manufacturing defects. This warranty even covers many weather conditions, such as snow and strong winds. To receive the warranty, you must have your shingles installed by a GAF Master Elite or GAF Certified Contractor.

Roof Worx is a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor, so we can ensure you get your warranty. We can even provide roof maintenance to help you get the most out of your installation.

9. GAF Solar Shingles Require Little To No Maintenance

GAF solar roofing is known for being low maintenance – some even say it is no maintenance. So, if you hire us to take care of your roof, we’ll ensure that the base for your shingles remains in good shape because your solar roof requires little attention.

You don’t have to worry about rain because the rain actually cleans the shingles, so you don’t have to.

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