Keep Your Roof “Like New” With This Checklist

June 12, 2018

A Checklist To Keep Your Roof Good As New In Colorado’s Front Range

Roofing repairs and roof maintenance are some of the most costly services faced by homeowners in the Colorado Front Range, and often require the assistance of professional roofers. Preemptive measures in the form of regular inspection, conducted professionally or by the homeowner, can save a great deal of money and time, and can guarantee the maximal lifespan of a home’s roof. The roofing professionals at RoofWorx have created a checklist to guide homeowners in the inspection of potential roof defects so they can be informed and nip possible problems in the bud.

Cracks And Rust Buildup

The appearance of cracks in the sealant caulk, as well as the accumulation of rust on the galvanized metallic components of your roof’s construction, are key signs of wear-and-tear. This indicates that moisture may be building up on the internal structure of your roof and, if ignored, can create the need for complex repairs down the line. Moisture accumulation can be caused by faulty or insufficient insulation which causes drastic shifts in temperature and humidity in the attic and supporting roof structures.

Irregular Shingles

The external features of a home’s roof can be just as revealing as the internal structures, so it’s important to regularly conduct external inspections of shingles. If the appearance of the shingles is irregular – displaying signs of bending, cracking, granule loss, or warping – it should be noted and relayed to a roofing professional. Roofers may be able to replace shingles and evaluate the cause of shingle damage in order to prevent recurrence.

Missing Or Broken Shingles

In cases where shingles are broken or have become completely dislodged, the exposed area may require reinforcement before the shingles are replaced. Severe weather, faulty installation or the initial use of low-quality or short-lifespan shingle materials are often to blame for missing or broken shingles. Replacing these as soon as possible not only improves the appearance of a home’s roof, but prevents further wear and tear.

Damaged Rubber Boots

The rubber seals which surround vent pipes serve a crucial role in keeping the surrounding areas dry and free of decay. If the rubber boots surrounding the vent pipes are cracked, warped or otherwise displaying signs of wear, it’s important to report these to a professional who may replace them as soon as possible. Water damage is a costly repair which can greatly reduce the value of a home, so make sure all rubber pipe sealants are strong and secure.

Moss And Mold

Concentrations of moss or algae are also major indicators of water damage and must be replaced immediately by a professional possessing adequate protective gear and the tools necessary to dry the area thoroughly.

This inspection checklist puts homeowners one step ahead of some of the most common and costly roofing malfunctions, and can vastly improve the lifespan of the structure. At RoofWorx, our team of professional roofing repair specialists are committed to assisting homeowners with the maintenance and reinforcement of their homes’ roofs. We understand the value of quality and safely installed roofing features, and work alongside our clients to achieve a thorough and polished result.

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