Insurance Claims Assistance

Adjusting the Claim

A big part of the Roof Worx commitment is to meet with your insurance adjuster to reach an agreed scope of work.  Our certified HAAG inspectors are leaders in the industry.  Haag Engineering is a leader in forensic engineering to identify failure and damage to roofing materials.  With input from manufacturers, insurance professionals and roofing contractors, Haag Engineering has defined the standard for conducting roof inspections.

Our Haag inspectors meet with adjusters on a daily basis. It is at this meeting that we are able to not only discuss damages and agree on the scope of work, but also address any building code requirements which may be imposed by local building officials.  It is because our inspectors are well trained that we are well respected and have a good working relationship with the insurance industry. This advantage can save you costly time, frustration and ensure that your claim is awarded to you satisfactorily.   We make sure that the adjuster doesn’t overlook any damage that should be addressed by the insurance company to assure that you receive the best possible settlement from the insurance company to restore your property.

After completing the onsite inspection, the insurance adjuster will prepare an estimate of repair for the covered damages. This amount is referred to as the Replacement Cost Value or RCV.  After determining the replacement cost for the covered damages, the adjuster will also apply any policy provisions which may include depreciation and deductible.

Depreciation is a reduction in value from the replacement cost.  This reduction is based on age, condition, and expected life expectancy.  Depreciation is determined and calculated based on the age and condition of your roof.  For example, if your roof shingles have an expected life span of 30 years and the current age of your roof is 15 years, the insurance company will depreciate the replacement cost of a new roof by 50%.

Most homeowners have a deductible associated with their homeowner’s insurance policy, just as they have a deductible for their auto insurance policy.  These deductibles can be a flat rate of $500, $1,000 or more, or they can be a percentage deductible.  The percentage deductible is becoming more prevalent in homeowner’s and commercial policies for wind and hail damage and can be 1%-3% of the insurance amount you carry on your home or building.

The application of depreciation and policy deductible will reduce the amount of the initial insurance payment. The first payment made by an insurance company is referred to as the ACV payment or Actual Cash Value Payment.

The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies are replacement cost policies, so the withheld depreciation amount is recoverable from the insurance company as soon as an invoice to support the repair work is provided to them for review.

The insurance company, as well as your trained sales associate can explain this process in greater detail.  As you can see, this is one example of the complexities of an insurance claim and why you can rely on Roof Worx to guide you through each step of the process.

The next step in the process is review the claim for completeness.  From more information on our insurance claim assistance, click here.

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