What You Need to Know: Premier Roofers Colorado

Whether you’re having a new home constructed or replacing an old or damaged roof, it’s essential you work with a premier roofing company to protect your home or business. Local premier roofing companies are your best option. Premier companies in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding markets know the area and understand how inclement and severe weather such as wind and hail can damage a roof along with what is required to get your roofing needs to be taken care of with a roof that’s built to last.

A premier roofing contractor can also provide you with a wide selection of roofing material options. From asphalt shingles to clay tiles, metal roofs, and other types of roof alternatives, a premier roofing contractor and his or her sales rep will take the time to show you what’s available, explain the pros and cons of each type of material, and get a good idea of your preferences.

Delivering Great Customer Service Is Essential

You get the phone number or email of the roofing contractor you’re considering using for your roofing needs. Once you make the call or send an email, you can immediately get a feel for the type of customer service you’ll receive throughout your business relationship by the level of responsiveness a sales rep, account rep, or management and other employees provide. You should be treated like a valued customer from the moment you inquire about the business, explain your roofing needs, and schedule an appointment with the premier roofing company.

Check Out Reviews on a Premier Roofing Company

The majority, if not all, roofing contractor companies have a website along with reviews and testimonials from clients (if they don’t you should question why). Read through them and see what type of comments they leave about the work, experience, and customer service provided by the roofing team. Are the reviews great? Do they get into specifics about how the premier roofing company performed on a job?

In addition, you’ll find reviews on the roofing company when doing a Google search, including ratings from Angi, Home Advisor, and Facebook. See how current the reviews are; for example, are they from 2019, 2020, and 2021 or significantly older? Look at the social media platforms of the premier roofing company to read through comments and reviews.

Many reviews will discuss how the roofing contractor dealt with an insurance company after a wind or hail loss and if the claims process went smoothly. This is particularly important for residents and businesses in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver, Colorado, where the weather is often unpredictable. With scattered hail storms and high winds, you may require the services of a roofing contractor to assess storm damage to the roof and to perform repairs.

Often an insurance company will refer several roofing contractors to contact and choose from once a claim is made and to begin the work process. Is the premier roofing company you’re looking to do business with one of the roofing contractors the insurance company recommends? A roofer who facilitates the claim process by addressing issues immediately and getting to work is key if you have a loss down the road. The claims process can easily go sideways if the roofing contractor you choose is unresponsive or slow in getting the work done.

Check Out Sample Roofing Jobs Online

In addition to looking for client testimonials on the premier roofing company’s website, check to see if there are photos of the firm’s work. This will give you a clear picture of the different types of jobs they have done over the years and the extent of the roofing company’s experience. You’ll see the type of homes and roofs the company has worked on, including the roof repairs and replacements completed for apartments, multi-family housing, and commercial businesses.

Ask for Premier Roofing Referrals

Talk to your friends and neighbors and others in your community about the premier roofing company they have used for roof inspections, roof maintenance, roof repairs, roof replacement, and new roof construction. What are the pros and cons (if there are any) of the roofing contractor they used? Would they recommend or use the Denver premier roofing company again? Are they ready to share their contact information so you can call about the work and job you need to have done? How about the roofer’s costs? Are the prices too high? Are prices competitive? Are estimates pretty spot on?

Look at Denver Contractor’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

Visit the BBB website to check out the year the company was founded and the premier roofer’s accreditation and rating. An A+ rating means the premier company has a score between 97 and 100 from the BBB. The agency looks at the following factors to come up with its business rating:

  • The number of BBB complaints filed against the roofing company.
  • The size of the roofing company.
  • If complaints were filed, whether the business, in BBB’s opinion, responded appropriately to them and resolved them in a timely and satisfactory manner.
  • If a complaint was filed, whether the business, in BBB’s opinion, made a good faith effort to resolve the complaint, even if the customer was dissatisfied with the resolution.
  • If complaints have been filed, whether the business failed, in BBB’s opinion, to resolve the underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
  • The age of resolvable complaints. Older resolved complaints have a lower rating impact than newer complaints.

Get A Free Quote/Estimate

Does the premier roofing company in Denver, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs, Colorado you’re considering provide a free quote and estimate for your required roofing work. The best roofing company will offer free estimates once they have an opportunity to review the job you need.

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