Prep Your Roof for the Cold

It’s that time of year again! The seasons are shifting, days are shortening and cold fronts are sweeping over the country. In nearly every climate zone, the transition into the winter months means a drastic shift in temperatures. In Colorado, daytime and nighttime temperatures may differ by 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) or more. These fluctuations in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on several features of a home, especially a roof. While roof maintenance is often kept to a bare minimum–if not entirely overlooked–it is crucial to be prepared for harsh weather and climate in order to prevent major, future damages to a structure’s roof. The roofing professionals here at Roof Worx can attest to homeowners’ seasonal needs for protection and reinforcement and will share some tips for how to Winter-proof your roof to avoid damage and hefty repair costs.

Make Sure It’s Watertight
To ensure that no excess moisture is seeping into the internal structure of your roof, be sure to assess the flashings and penetrations. “Flashing,” or a metal barrier that can be traced around the periphery of the roof, should be thoroughly inspected. You can conduct your own inspection or hire the assistance of a professional, but the most important features to look out for are bending, cracking, bowing, or any other signs that the flashing may be compromised. Also, check that and exposed nails are sealed. Without a watertight seal, your roof and attic may be vulnerable to leaks. Another important factor to note is that even small malformations may become worse when exposed to cold temperatures which can cause the metal of the structure to contract and warp. Your inspection should not stop at the flashing but should extend to the curvatures of the rooftop itself (any warping or bowing should be noted and addressed immediately).

Seasonal Cleaning
It’s always a drag to conduct mundane maintenance on the home, especially if it’s been put off for a while. The change of the season (from fall to winter, but also from spring into summer) is the most important time to do a thorough cleaning of debris from the gutters and rooftop. Flushing out the gutters may be necessary, and you may wish to trim overhanging tree branches which may contribute to more debris buildup throughout the season. Keeping this in check will prevent wet leaves from piling up and weighing down the roof, potentially harboring mold or simply creating structural malformations. Don’t neglect to check out your chimney during your cleaning and maintenance. Make note of any chips, cracks, and soot-buildup, and ensure that smoke vents are operating properly. Keeping a clean and strongly-built chimney is important for the cold months when the fireplace will likely be used often.

Stay warm, safe, and secure this winter by optimizing your roof. A strong, properly maintained roof can last for decades through all seasonal extremes and provide insulation from the elements and sturdy protection against moisture and debris. To make sure your roof is winter-ready, contact our team of professional roofers to schedule an inspection. For more tips on roof maintenance, check out our blog.