How to Properly Care for Your Gutters

Caring for your home’s gutters may seem like a mindless and off-putting task, and it’s easy to simply allow your gutters to fill up with leaves and debris for months at a time. Caring for your home’s gutters is more important than you may think. Not only do well-maintained gutters improve the external appearance of the home, but it is also a critical element of roof maintenance. The team of roofing professionals here at Roof Worx have compiled some tips to help you tend to your gutters with ease, while also proactively maintaining the structure of your home’s roof and siding.

Regular Cleaning

Not everyone tends to the debris in their gutters on a schedule. It’s recommended to clean out the gutters very thoroughly twice per year–once in the Fall and once in the Spring–in order to prevent clogging and erosion of the gutter pipes. Depending on how much foliage surrounds your property, or how much debris regularly accumulates in the gutters and on your home’s rooftop, you may need to clean out the gutters more frequently than the twice-per-year standard. Failure to clean your gutters regularly can lead to clogging, splitting and damaged gutters which come with an entire host of more damaging problems in the future. It’s important to have the appropriate assistance or tools, such as a ladder, hose, or rake, when cleaning out your home’s gutters by yourself. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of professional roofers when it comes time to clean out the gutters. Ask your roofer about the installation of a gutter guard, to prevent large debris from clogging your gutters and allow for longer periods of time between cleaning.

Maintenance and Inspection

It’s important to be able to assess any damage or weak points in your gutter system by yourself. While you may not be able to single-handedly repair the problems you find with your gutters, learning to identify wear and tear on your home’s gutters will save you time and money by spotting the problem before it gets worse. Some things to look for when inspecting your gutters include:

  • Rusty appearance or peeling paint
  • Cracks or warping
  • Signs of water damage on the roof or siding, running along the gutter path
  • Splitting gutter pipes

The gutters are the water-displacement system of your home and serve the highly critical purpose of keeping your roof dry and unburdened from the weight of pooling water. In the event that gutters are damaged, water can flood the roof or create buildup of mildew or wood-rot on the structure of the home, which can add up to thousands of dollars in repairs if postponed.

At Roof Worx, our priority is helping you maintain and protect the structure and function of your home’s roof. We provide replacement and repair services for gutters, as well as an assessment of the construction of your roof. Our team of professional roofers will evaluate signs of wear and tear, and help you strategize an action plan to preserve the value of your home and make all necessary repairs and preventative actions. To learn more about our services, or how to maintain your roof, check out our website here: