5 Common Roofing Issues That Require a Professional to Fix

When assessing your home or submitting to an inspection, one of the most important construction features to look at is the roof. You may discover that your roof has been subject to more wear-and-tear over the years than you expected, or that a major structural flaw exists, which may require immediate repair. While it’s easy and rewarding to take a do-it-yourself stance for small repairs and upkeep around your home, your home’s roof may require significant repair by a professional contractor. Here we explore five of the most common roofing problems that must be repaired by professionals…

  1. Severe Weather Damage
    After a major weather incident such as a tornado or hurricane, your roof may be badly damaged by exposure to the elements or fallen branches and limbs. If you attempted to repair your roof by yourself in this case, you may not realize how extensive the damage is and be left vulnerable to future wear (molding, lack of insulation, etc). Additionally, the removal of large tree limbs may be risky without the appropriate equipment and safety gear. In this case, a professional team is required to assess and repair the damage.
  2. Pooling Water and/or Leaks
    In the event that water is collecting on your roof and failing to drain over the span of 2-3 days, a series of problems are sure to follow. Molding and decay of shingles and eventual leakage to your home’s interior can result from pooled water, and even your home’s HVAC system can be damaged. Leakages caused by other structural defects are just as serious, with the same consequences of water damage. To be safe, hire a professional contractor to remove water from your roof and check for leaks.
  3. Broken or Worn Shingles
    Shingles of different compositions have different lifespans and vulnerability factors. A professional roofer can assess any existing shingle damage and repair or replace them as necessary. The application of new shingles can be tricky and require hot tar or other hazardous materials, so you should avoid taking on this project by yourself.
  4. Shrinking Roof Interior
    Due to certain environmental factors, like humidity, poor insulation, or significant temperature fluctuations, the interior lining of your roof may begin to shrink away from the framework. Not only is this costly and inconvenient, but the repairs needed to reinforce the roof membrane are time- and labor-intensive. Even with the proper selection of professional tools and personnel, this type of repair isn’t a quick-fix.
  5. Long Term Wear and Lack of Maintenance
    A roof which has not been properly maintained for a considerable amount of time can materialize a host of structural and functional issues. Maintenance involves routine inspection and repairs in order to combat more serious damage over time. Not only are professional roofers experienced in inspection criteria, they also understand the risks of navigating a potentially unstable roof structure.

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