Cedar Shake Roof Replacement – Denver Roofing

Denver Cedar Shake Roofing system are a beautiful roof that is currently loosing popularity because the shingles low fire resistance. There are a few types of Cedar Shake Roofing Shingles that are on the market to this day and they tend to hold up to storm damage well but do fail when the roof is older.

However, Most Homeowners Associations and City Jurisdictions are steering away from allowing cedar shakes to be installed in the Denver and Front Range regions.  In fact, in increasing situations, we are finding that minimum repair areas are being used as leverage to force homeowners into replacing these wood shake roofs in order to completely eliminate them from the market.

If your jurisdiction is forcing you to replace your Cedar Wood Shake Roofing, please call Roof Worx to discuss your Denver roofing options.  In these time sensitive scenarios, we offer unique options in order to help you resolve your Denver roofing needs, quickly and economically.

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