Summer Interns help Denver Roofers

Summer Interns
It should come as no surprise that Denver roofing companies are busiest from May to October for obvious weather reasons such as great roofing weather, hailstorms/windstorms that create damage and thus more work for Denver roofers, but with that influx of additional work, seasonal employees are sometimes required.

This blog is a bit out of the norm as I want to talk about a seasonal employee (Alex) who was hired as a “runner” to assist our very busy Denver roofing production department. Alex’s last day at work is fast approaching and trust me; he has gotten fully immersed into the Denver roofing industry. At the young age of 18, you might say that he was pushed into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. Denver roofing companies have various names to call their runners, such as “gopher”, but Alex suffered through two months of being called “Eh-Go”, as in “hey go get this, or hey go do that”. Roofing in Denver is always busy, but I have had an opportunity to talk with Alex a bit over the summer and learned that he is headed off to the military at the end of July to serve our country in the United States Army.

He exhibited all of the qualities you would expect for someone going to the military such as being prompt, always courteous, and always willing – even when called “Eh-Go”. He always gave me a hard time about my blog posts, but invariably remembered something from them like “How much a gallon of water weighs”, or the one entitled “Jiminy Cricket”. In his short tenure with your local Denver roofing company, he learned a lot about the Denver roofing industry in general and how to have a spirited debate with me, the company blogger. I’ll miss having him around but am proud to know that he is going off to do great things with his young life.

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