The Home Inspector Told Our Buyers

The Home Inspector Told Our Buyers…

Your home is for sale, you’ve finally received an offer, and you think you are headed to a quick easy closing.  Then, the prospective buyers have a home inspection completed and the inspector tells them that the roof needs to be replaced tossing a big ‘ol monkey wrench into the deal.  Your Denver roofing company, Roof Worx hears this story multiple times during the course of a month.  As they say, “Hindsight is 20/20”.  As the seller, you could have contacted your local Denver roofing company, Roof Worx for a free 14 point roof inspection prior to listing the home for sale.  Having a free Denver roof inspection would have revealed one of three things. 

  1. Your roof is in good condition and could be certified for 3 to 5 years by your local Denver roofer, Roof Worx.
  2. There are some minor repairs that need to be made.
  3. The roof requires replacement due to age, wear and tear or needs replacement due to a covered insurance loss.

In any of the three outcomes, as the seller you are more in control of the situation with early notice than a potential deal breaker when discovered by the seller’s home inspector.  But, once the situation is pointed out by the sellers inspector, you can still salvage the situation.  Immediately call your Denver roofing contractor, Roof Worx who will provide a complete inspection and recommendation concerning your roof as outlined above.  Once an evaluation has been completed by your local Denver roofing company, you can move forward with the appropriate course of action.

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