Colorado Sunshine

Colorado Sunshine – Friend or Foe?

Roof Worx, your local Denver roofing company knows two of the main reasons people love to live and play in Colorado. First, the obvious reason is for the beautiful majestic Rocky Mountains and second, Colorado has on average over 300 days a year with sunshine.

While residents of Colorado love all that sunshine, your Denver roofing company, Roof Worx knows that it takes its toll on your homes roof. With 300 days of sunshine beating down on your roof every year, the UV rays cause deterioration which results in granules sloughing off the roof (you may have noticed this at the end of your gutter downspout), and the shingles and their seals eventually crack and become brittle. While roofing in Denver for many years, our Haag certified inspectors are very familiar with this type of deterioration vs. typical wind or hail damage. Roof Worx, your Denver roofing company offers a free 14 point Denver roof inspection. This free inspection may prevent you from turning in an unwarranted insurance claim which could put your insurance coverage in jeopardy. Let your Denver roofing company assess your roof to see if there is covered insurance damage, or simply a deteriorated roof due to sun exposure.

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