Jiminey Cricket

Part of being a superior roofing company in Denver, Colorado is to know what local and international building codes are required.  Roof Worx, your local Denver roofing company keeps up to date on all construction codes to make sure that your roofing project is completed correctly.  While roofing in Denver, Roof Worx makes sure to identify any necessary code requirements such as the need for crickets.  No, the cricket were referring to is not an insect or the fictional character that accompanies Pinocchio on his adventures.  So, what is a cricket as it relates to roofing?  It is most commonly associated with chimneys and resembles a gable roof structure designed to divert water on a roof or away from the chimney.  Roof Worx, your local roofing company in Denver knows the importance of a chimney cricket. It is common for snow and water run-off to accumulate on the back side of a chimney.  Without a cricket, that snow/water accumulation could result in a leak.  The International Residential Code (IRC) dictates that chimneys with a width of 30″ or greater, must have a cricket.   The cricket or saddle diverts the water around and away from the back side of the chimney making it less likely to develop a roof leak around the chimney.  So, when your local Denver roofer is talking to you about “crickets”, you’ll know exactly what they are referring to.

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