The Customer (part III of The Good, The Bad, and The Customer)

That last post sure was scary, wasn’t it? When disaster strikes like the hail storms that battered Parker, Aurora, Denver, Castle Rock, Ft. Morgan, Colorado Springs, Eaton and Alton on June 6, 2012 and June 7, 2012, it’s important to know how to quickly find a Good Denver Roofing Contractor so you can get your roof repaired and get back on with your life. While we now know how to recognize a Bad contractor, some of them hide better than others. Rarely do denver roofers make it easy for us to avoid them by wearing a sign warning us off. Let’s look at five ways that you as “The Customer” can make sure to protect yourself whenever you have to dive into the realm of Denver roofing contractors.

1. Ask for documentation. Know whether your jurisdiction requires a Denver Roofing contractor working on your home to have a license and if it does make sure the Denver Roofing Contractor has one! Also ask for a Certificate of Insurance, which will document all of the insurance policies that the Denver Roofing Contractor has. Don’t just glance at this stuff – call the jurisdiction and the insurance company and make sure that everything is in good standing.

2. Ask for references. You should be able to see some of the Denver Roofing contractor’s recent work and talk to a few past customers who are thrilled with the work done. This can really help you avoid a fly-by-night roofing contractors who take your money and run. Checking a Denver Roofing Contractor out on the Better Business Bureau is also an easy way to see if Denver roofing company is established and has satisfied customers. Here in Colorado, we also have the benefit of Team Dave Logan and Tom Martino who maintain referral lists of reliable Denver Roofing contractors.

3. Due Diligence. Use the previous two steps to help you identify what a good Denver roofing contractor looks like. Make sure you understand what services the Denver Roofing Contractor includes so you can ensure that you get the best value, with quality work and a competitive price. If you are submitting an insurance claim to pay for your storm damage repairs, you want to select the Denver roofing contractor that uses quality materials and installation. Getting the lowest bid on an insurance claim damage repair may not be in your best interest because the low bidder probably is using inferior materials and systems and may not have all of their licenses and insurance. Any reputable Denver roofing company will do the repair work included in the insurance claim and will also work with your insurance company on items they may have missed. Due to recent legislative action via SB38, it is important to ensure that your Denver roofing contractor of choice is in legal compliance with their contractural language. Roof Worx does not cut corners and uses the highest quality products. We have class “A” commercial licenses and Insurance for General Liability, Automobile, and Workers Compensation. Roof Worx has safety procedures to help protect our workers and your home from damage and are OSHA compliant.

4. Sign a contract. Once you have compared and chosen a denver roofing contractor, sign a contract with them. Remember that the contract is there for your protection as well as your Denver roofing contractor. Colorado just passed a law this week that changed the contract requirements for Denver roofing contractors, so next week I’ll let you know more about what to look for and expect on a Denver Roofing contract.

5. It’s all about the money, honey. Make sure there is a paper trail. Don’t ever pay with cash. Don’t pay too much to get the job started. Make sure you understand – and have it in the contract – how any subcontractors will be paid, or plan to pay them yourself. If you pay the Denver roofing contractor and they don’t pay the subcontractors, the subcontractors can come after you for payment in the form of a mechanic’s lien. Final payment should be delivered after the work is finished and it has passed inspection. By following these five steps, you will be able to protect yourself from Bad Denver Roofing contractors and know when you have found a Good Denver roofing contractor. After all, when a disaster strikes and your house needs emergency repairs, you shouldn’t also have to worry about a nightmare contractor experience.

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