Where did Roof Worx’ cow recently venture of to?

As you know Roof Worx’ cow loves traveling and who can blame her after the many months she’s spent in Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Aurora, Parker and Castle Rock inspecting and installing roofs.  So, where was she off to recently?  She enjoyed a few days at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida!
She’s supposed to be on vacation, but she can’t help scaling trees for a better look at those Florida roofs. She loves looking at all of the Florida roofs compared to her beloved Colorado roofs.
Working on her tan…..
She spent her last day in Florida soaking up the sun next to the pool.  She was sad to go, but ready to get back to her Denver roofs!
Back in wonderful Colorado, Roof Worx’ cow is back on her sturdy ladder and ready to tackle her next Colorado roof!