What’s with the cow?

One of the most common questions we receive at Roof Worx isn’t about roofing, shingles, gutters or hail.  Don’t get me wrong, as one of Colorado’s top roofing contractors we get these questions – a lot!  However, the real question is – what’s with the cow??   If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting one of the members of the herd, you are missing out!  The cow came about on a whim when someone got a wild hair and decided we needed some of these vibrating, dancing cows.  Most of us thought this was just plain crazy, but come to find out we love them and so do our customers!  The vibrating cow quickly became a permanent fixture in Roof Worx’ office which is located in Thornton, Colorado.

We take our role as a local Denver roofer very serious, but hey, we like to have a little fun sometimes too and we feel a vibrating cow lets us do just that!  Although Thornton is where Roof Worx’ cow lays her head at night, her true passion is traveling.  Our cow has been to Boulder and Broomfield.  She’s visited homeowners and inspected their roofs in Arvada and Littleton.  She’s helped property owners in Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Parker and Castle Rock select a shingle and shingle color.  She personally loves any shingle in CertainTeed’s Moire Black…..I guess it does match her spots.  She’s even visited Cheyenne, Wyoming where she helped Roof Worx replace a roof that was damaged by hail.  To date her favorite travel spot was when she sunbathed on the sandy beaches of Playa Del Carmen.   Where’s she off to next?  Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/roofworx or https://twitter.com/roofworx to find out!

What’s our cow missing? A name!  Stay tuned as Roof Worx will be hosting a “Name that Cow” competition soon.