What to Expect When You are Expecting a New Roof

After surfing around the Roof Worx website a bit you might be wondering more about the actual roof replacing process and what’s involved, especially for you, the property owner. Here at Roof Worx, LLC of Metro Denver, we are experts at removing and installing roofs all along the Front Range. When it is time for you to replace your roof, we’ll help you to be ready for what’s involved. Unfortunately, what’s involved is usually a noisy mess! You’ll be grateful you chose Roof Worx when you see how tidy we keep this potentially messy project.

For starters, you’ll be excited to see all the equipment that appears to manage your re-roofing process. Because your old roof has to come off, there is going to be a lot of rubbish to dispose of, so we’ll have a rubber-tired dump trailer to collect it all directly from the roof. Anything installed on your roof, such as a satellite dish, will need to be carefully removed and stored during the re-roofing process, and then as long as you want us to, we’ll reinstall it.

We realize that just because you need a new roof doesn’t mean that you want to re-landscape your yard, so our crews are fastidious about protecting your plants and yard throughout the whole process. Our Production Manager, Robert Faessler, satirically referred to it as a “magical tarping act” because we will use a lot of tarps to protect your property. In addition to tarps, we will use plywood covers for window wells and any other protective measures that are necessary. After the roof is installed, we’ll sweep around your house and driveway with a magnetic nail roller to pick up any nails that fell to the ground during the removal or installation process. Safety is our number one priority, both for you and our crews.

The last thing you will need to know about having your roof replaced is that it is a very noisy process. In fact, if you are planning to go on a vacation in the near future, you might be more comfortable if we schedule your roof installation for that week. During the installation process you will hear people walking around on your roof, the scraping of the pitchforks as they remove your old roof, and then the pneumatic nail guns will be constant as your new roof is installed. Unfortunately, the sound always seems louder in the confines of a house that it does outside, so we recommend heading out of the house on installation day.

As you can see, having your roof replaced can be a noisy and involved project. However, our crews are fast and will be considerate of your property as we replace your roof. Before you know it, the dust will settle, we’ll sweep it up, and you’ll be happy to look up at the beautiful new roof that is protecting your Colorado home.