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Denver%20Roofing%20Contractor[1]Homes with wood shake shingles are still very prominent roofing material on many Colorado roofs, however, due to a variety of reasons, homeowners are choosing to replace them. Aesthetically, a brand new shake shingled roof is beautiful, however, over time it begins to crack and weather and eventually turns gray. As this deterioration occurs, the felt underlayment is exposed and deteriorates, creating a potential for interior leakage. Because Roof Worx is a Colorado roofing company, it is customary for a shake shingle roof replacement to be made with an asphalt shingle product. This was the case during a recent roof replacement in Westminster, Colorado. The homeowner’s chose Roof Worx, a qualified Denver roofing company to replace their shake shingled roof. We provided the homeowner with samples of several alternatives to shake shingles, and the homeowners choose GAF Timberline HD shingles. This shingle provides the very best combination of shingle weight and performance. The homeowners now have a beautiful dimensional roof. Call Roof Worx, your local roofing contractor in Westminster for your free 14 point inspection of your roof at (303) 353-1825. Roof Worx is ” Your prescription for quality”.  Roof Worx is your trusted Westminster Roofer, providing Westminster roofing, siding, gutters, and free Westminster roofing inspections. Give us a call today and let us show you the Roof Worx – Westminster Roofing difference.