TURNING ROOFS INTO ROADS – Denver Roofing Company Recycles

As a leader in the Denver roofing market, Roof Worx is always looking for new technology and cutting edge advancements to help protect the environment.  Many states have developed programs that they are touting as “Roofs to Roads”.  Since roof replacements in Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding areas is common place, Colorado has also entered the recycling arena.  As noted by the Project Director of Roofs to Roads Colorado, Jennifer Shriver indicates that 300,000 tons of shingles end up in Colorado landfills every year and the EPA estimates 12 million tons of shingles are landfilled nationally each year.  As Denver roofers know, the asphalt roofing material can be recycled in Hot Bituminous Asphalt paving.  Shingles from Denver roofing tear off and demolition projects are a great resource just waiting to be used by transportation and public works departments for road paving. This technology requires a collaborative effort between roofers, the asphalt industry, and the transportation and public works departments. Roof Worx will continue to use this “green technology” and exploring ways we can participate.

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