Roofing Denver Homes – Mortgage Checks

Do you have a claim check and you don’t know how to proceed?  Let your Denver roofing company, Roof Worx, help you!

Rest assured here at Roof Worx our educated Denver roofing staff can and will walk you through the process of getting that claim check endorsed by your Mortgage Company.  The process starts with you the homeowner choosing a reliable Denver roofing company such as Roof Worx, who can and will insure proper roof replacement.

Step 1- Give authorization

All homeowners listed on the mortgage must sign what’s called a mortgage authorization form.  This gives authorization for the proper staff at Roof Worx to communicate with your mortgage company regarding your Denver roof replacement or any information needed by them.

Step 2 – File a Claim with the Mortgage Company

Once the insurance company has issued a check to you for Denver roof replacement, you will need to contact your mortgage company’s property loss department to initiate a claim.  The information that will be required to file the claim includes: date of loss, type of loss, amount of claim check, insurance company and claim number.  Also, at this time you can let them know you have chosen Roof Worx as your Denver roofing contractor of choice. This will also give you the opportunity to give verbal authorization for Roof Worx to communicate with them regarding anything needed to provide prompt Denver roof replacement and processing of any claim checks.

Step 3 – Forms and Correspondence

Now that you have filed your claim with your mortgage company, they will most likely send you important forms that will need to be filled out by you and/or your Denver roofing contractor.  You want to fill out and sign any forms that require you to do so.  Send these any forms and any others needing to be filled out and signed by Roof Worx, your Denver roofing contractor, by regular mail, Email or have your assigned Roof Worx Denver roofing company representative pick them up in person.  Roof Worx will complete all forms required by the Mortgage Company of Roof Worx and return all of them promptly to the mortgage company.

Step 4 – Claim Check

The only item in this step that needs to be completed by the customer is to properly endorse the claim check.  All customers listed as payees on the check need to sign it.    Once this is complete just hand over the claim check along with the signed mortgage authorization given to you in Step 1 to your Denver roofing company  representative and we will do the rest.   

Step 5 – Submission of Claim check and Contract Forms

The claim check can now be submitted to your mortgage company for endorsement and disbursement of funds for required deposit to the Denver roofing company, Roof Worx.   There are contract forms that Roof Worx will submit to ensure prompt return of the endorsed claim check.  These forms are a standard requirement for most Mortgage companies: signed contract by customer and authorized representative of Roof Worx, mortgage authorization signed by customer, copy of Insurance adjuster’s report, claim check endorsed by customer/customers and a signed W-9 from Roof Worx showing we are a Denver roofing contractor.

By following these important steps and allowing Roof Worx to become your Denver roofing contractor, all aspects of your roof replacement can be a smooth and relaxing process for everyone involved.

For more information on how we can help with your mortgage company, or any of your Denver roofing, siding, or gutter needs, contact Roof Worx your Denver roofing experts at (303)353-1825.