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Occasionally making exceptions in scheduling to accommodate our customers is definitely in the wheelhouse for the staff at Roof Worx, your Denver roofing contractor.  Sometimes, roof replacements in Denver and Colorado Springs need to be completed in a very short time frame.  Being a Denver roofer requires some flexibility at times.  This was the case with a recent roof replacement in Colorado Springs.  Our customer was selling his home and the buyers’ home inspector found that the roof required replacement.  As real estate deals sometimes go, this roof replacement had to be done within 3 days or the buyer was going to back out of the contract.  The homeowner reached out to Roof Worx, who was completing some projects in his neighborhood in Colorado Springs.  Fortunately, being a long standing roofer in Denver, Roof Worx was able to accommodate the short time frame and got the roof installed in plenty of time for the closing on the home.  Both the seller and buyer were very pleased with the outcome of the roof replacement and Roof Worx earned the future business of both the seller and the buyer.  Sometimes it seems there is never a dull moment when roofing in Denver and the surrounding communities.

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