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Since the purpose of your roof is to protect your house from any damage that the Colorado elements might throw at it, having multiple layers is a really good idea. One of those layers is the underlayment. It is between the decking, which is the plywood that forms the base for your roof, and the shingles. The underlayment provides most of the waterproof protection for the decking, and thereby the house.

The most common underlayment for a house is felt, in either 15-pound or 30-pound weights. This kind of roofing underlayment has been around for many years which is why it is often required in so many Denver Metro and Front Range city building codes. However, as time has marched on, the technology has continued to improve and new products have come out that provide superior protection.

For example, Roof Worx is proud to offer Titanium UDL-25 PLUS synthetic underlayment. It is 8 times lighter and 20 times stronger than 30-pound felt, and because it is synthetic it is impervious to water and the effects that water can have on felt, like mold, cracking, and wrinkling. For our customers who are interested in environmentally-friendly green options, Titanium UDL-25 PLUS is an ideal selection because it contributes to LEED® points and contains at least 20% reclaimed content. It is also completely recyclable. This superior underlayment comes standard with a 25-year limited warranty.

Roof Worx’ commitment to quality begins with the quality materials that we offer to our customers. Whether you are replacing your roof with insurance claim funds from the June 2012 hail storm or your roof has just seen too many years of use and needs replaced, now is a great time to upgrade your roof and integrate the latest technologies to lower your energy bills and minimize your impact on the environment. Contact Roof Worx today at (303) 353-1825 for your FREE 14-point inspection!

For more information about Titanium UDL-25, go to: http://www.interwrap.com/titanium/udl_25_FB.html