Meet Our Roof Detectives

Like a detective at the scene of the crime, our HAAG certified roof inspectors have the knowledge to identify “whodunnit.” So, if you have been calling around to different roofing contractors in the Denver Metro area and along the Front Range because you have sustained damage to your roof that you think should be covered by insurance, make sure that you give us a call here at Roof Worx. Our HAAG certified inspector could make the difference in your claim being accepted or denied.

HAAG training “is really like a forensic engineering class,” explains Justin, one of our HAAG certified roof inspectors. HAAG training is focused on teaching how to identify what caused damage instead of focusing on identifying where the damage is located. For example, on a tile roof that has damage, our gumshoes Justin and Nick can tell the difference between damage caused by walking on the tile, a hammer hitting it, hail hitting it…or something else.

As you would expect, this knowledge is invaluable when it comes time to prove to the claims adjuster that the damage to your roof was caused by a covered peril, like hail or wind. With the highly variable weather that we experience here in Colorado, it is important for your claim to be quickly and accurately assessed so your roof can be promptly repaired and protect your home again.

Here at Roof Worx, we are experts at roofing, which ensures that every customer has a positive experience. Call us at (303) 353-1825 and experience our Prescription for Quality for yourself!