It was a dark and stormy night

Okay, so the sentence is a little cliché, but the fact is that dark and stormy nights DO happen, and they are sometimes followed by messy mornings. Maybe you know the kind I am talking about: tree branches, leaves, and roof shingles on the lawn, dents or maybe even holes in your roof letting in some of that storm to damage the interior of your home, etc. Especially, if you are living in Windy Wyoming, you might even find that your roof shingles are winding up in your neighbor’s lawn instead of your own!

So what is a homeowner to do on a messy morning after a stormy night? First of all, don’t panic. Make sure to take care of any temporary repairs that might be needed to protect your property from additional damage, such as placing a tarp over a hole in your roof. You can also call your homeowner’s insurance company and begin the claims process, or you can call Roof Worx and our experts will deal with your insurance company for you.

As an experienced local company, Roof Worx’ proven record and thousands of happy customers have led to our continued success throughout the Front Range and Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are licensed and insured in both Colorado and Wyoming, with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. We’re experts at quickly and professionally repairing the damage discovered on those messy mornings after dark and stormy nights!

Stay tuned for the next blog post, which will focus on how to pick a good roofing contractor along the Front Range, in Denver, Colorado or Cheyenne, Wyoming– and how to avoid a bad one!