Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice can be beautiful, dangerous, and pernicious. Those glorious icicles hanging from your roof could be ice dams, allowing water to accumulate and sit on your roof and ultimately leading to leaks and damage. It is hard to remember with the amazingly warm weather we have been having this summer along the Front Range and in the Denver Metro area that the harsh Colorado winter is just around the corner and it will bring with it snow…and ice. Just like the ant told the grasshopper in the fable, summer is the time to prepare for winter. If your roof is getting old or has sustained some weather damage such as hail or wind and needs replaced, it is a great idea to think of replacing it now and including a special product called ice and water shield to prevent ice dams from damaging your roof.

You might think that the purpose of your roof is to provide a weatherproof layer to protect your house, and that would not be a completely incorrect assumption. However, it would be more accurate to say that it provides a weather resistant layer to protect the house by encouraging ice that accumulates under the shingles and melts to drain correctly and safely off of your roof. When an ice dam forms and prevents the water from draining away, it becomes more likely that the water will saturate the roof shingles enough to allow it to leak through and enter the interior of your home, which can cause damage. Remember, ice goes backward and water goes forward.

Ice and water shield is a waterproof peel-and-stick product that is applied directly to the deck of your roof, on the eaves and in the valleys where water would be more prone to accumulate if an ice dam forms. It is also applied around the chimneys, skylights, and any other structures that would be prone to developing a leak if water was allowed to settle for an extended period of time. It is required by many local building codes and the National Building Code dictates how it needs to be applied. Even if your jurisdiction doesn’t require it, consider upgrading to it anyway as an inexpensive way to prevent expensive and time-consuming repairs down the road. Ice damming is very destructive and can be mitigated with this special product.

When you call Roof Worx for our free 14-point inspection, we’ll be happy to discuss if your roof already has or would benefit from having ice and water shield installed. After all, keeping your roof intact and protecting your home is part of our Prescription for Quality. Have a roof question? Give us a call at (303) 353-1825!