Hey Colorado Homeowners! – Got Greenery in Your Gutters?

With the variety of weather we get in Colorado, gutters are an often overlooked but an incredibly important accessory to the roof. An improperly working gutter system can cause serious damage to your house. If you see leaves piling up in your gutters, or perhaps even some grass or other plants growing, then you will need to take care of them as soon as possible to prevent further damage from being done to your Denver house.

Gutters protect your home by shuttling water away from your house. This is important because your house does not love water in the same way that your lawn does. Instead of helping your home to thrive and look beautiful, improperly routed water can cause expensive and unattractive damage such as roof rot, rotten siding, a cracked foundation, landscape erosion, and even basement flooding. Especially here in Colorado, the clay soil can easily cause poor soil drainage, so care must be taken to ensure that water is properly directed.

Fortunately, there are some great products out there to make gutters virtually maintenance-free, and if you are handy then it isn’t too hard to –safely! – climb up on a ladder to clean the debris out of them once or twice a year. Check for and repair leaks, and make sure there are no blockages or sagging. If you see corrosion, it’s important that you start thinking of replacing them soon.

If your gutters have been damaged by one of those Colorado storms or are otherwise in need of replacement, give Roof Worx a call – we’re a local Denver roofing company that also installs gutters and siding throughout the Front Range!