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You may have read a previous blog concerning wood shake shingles, but did you know if you live in Boulder, County Colorado your shake shingled roof must be replaced by January 2014?  As a roofing company in Denver, Colorado, Roof Worx keeps abreast of jurisdictional building requirements.  Being a Colorado roofing company, Roof Worx is well aware of the fire danger in our foothill and mountain communities, such as Boulder, Colorado. Below is an excerpt from the Boulder County building amendments relating to wood shake shingles:

10-5-5 Wood Roof Covering Materials Prohibited.
(a) No person shall install or cause to be installed any wood roof covering materials, including, without limitation, wood shakes or wood shingles. This prohibition includes wood roof covering materials with fire retardant treatments of any kind.

(b) It shall be a specific defense to a charge of violation of subsection (a) of this section that the wood roof covering materials were installed before January 1, 2014, to repair portions of an existing wood roof, that the repair wood roof covering materials were factory pressure treated so as to be fire retardant and are approved as meeting Class B standards in accordance with section 1501.1 of the building code, and that the wood roof covering materials were installed in a quantity not exceeding fifty percent of the roof surface in any three-hundred-sixty-five-day period.

(c) No person owning a building with wood roof covering materials shall fail to remove or cause to be removed from the building all wood roof covering materials before January 1, 2014, and to replace the removed roofing with approved roof covering materials which conform to the International Building Code as adopted, and no person shall thereafter take possession or ownership of a building with wood roof covering materials.”

Having this knowledge about roof replacements in Boulder, Colorado, one of our recent customers was very proactive in replacing his deteriorating wood shake shingled roof.  Roof Worx, a Boulder roofer, was able to complete the roof replacement using Owens Corning Duration Storm shingles which are considered an Impact Resistant Class 4 shingle.  This type of Impact Resistant shingle also allowed the homeowner to get a premium reduction from his insurance company.

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