Denver Commercail Roofing Contractor

Commercial flat roofing is no problem for the team at Roof Worx, a Denver roofing company.  Our HAAG certified inspectors and production team are able to identify and recommend the best roof replacement material for your specific situation.  Roof Worx was contacted by a commercial building owner in need of a roof replacement for their deteriorated ballasted PVC roof.   A PVC roof is a single-ply membrane composed of two layers of PVC material with a polyester reinforcement scrim in between.  As a commercial Denver roofer, Roof Worx is very familiar with all types of commercial roofing products and applications and determined that the best product to replace the deteriorated PVC roof was with an EPDM ballasted roof system.  This system was chosen for its’ durability, energy efficency, as well as cost effectiveness for the customer.  The re-roof project was completed with minimal disruption to the business’ day to day operation and was completed on time and on budget.  Being a Denver roofing company, we have a good working relationship with the local Denver building department so that the final building inspection was completed and approved.  For all your commercial roofing in denver, contact your Denver commercial roofing company, Roof Worx.