Colorado Hail – Oh so…..lovely??

hail [heyl] noun – showery precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice more than 1/5 in. (5 mm) in diameter, falling from a cumulonimbus cloud (distinguished from sleet).

Well doesn’t that just sound lovely!

Unfortunately it is something most of us will have to experience and deal with the aftermath. And talk about aftermath! There’s suffering through the hailstorm, cleaning up the debris and shredded landscaping, assessing the damage, ensuring you don’t acquire further damage (i.e. leaky roof), filing an insurance claim, finding a contractor you trust and then suffering through a day or two of constant hammering. Yes, lovely is the last word I would use to describe hail.

Denver and Fort Collins have an annual average of 4.8 days of hail a year. Colorado Springs has an annual average of 5.8 days of a hail and year, but look out Limon, Colorado with 7.1 days and Cheyenne, Wyoming with 8.6 days a year! That’s a lot of hail and according to the National Weather Service all it takes is ¾” hail to potentially damage property. Fortunately, Roof Worx is here to assist in making this headache a minor one and short lived. As Colorado’s experienced and trusted roofing contractor, we offer a FREE 14-point roof inspection (we will also assess other areas of your property for damage at this time – siding, gutters, windows, screens, etc.). Roof Worx will assist you with filing the cumbersome insurance claim and take the necessary steps to mitigate further damage. Roof Worx guarantees they are always ahead of the storm and up to date on the latest products to help a homeowner avoid the intense headache next time. That includes Impact Resistant shingles; these shingles are tested using steel balls ranging from 1.25″ – 2″ dropped from various heights to determine the damage caused from potential hail. The damage is measured on a scale from 1 (least resistant) to 4 (most resistant). Impact Resistant shingles must receive a Class 4 ranking in order to be advertised and sold as an Impact Resistant product.

Common Class 4 – Impact Resistant Shingles
–CertainTeed Presidential Shake IR
–CertainTeed Highland Slate IR
–CertainTeed Landmark IR
–Owens Corning Weatherguard HP
–Owens Corning Duration Storm