Can you imagine life without Roof Worx?

These homeowners can’t!

Going above and beyond for our customers it nothing out of the ordinary for Roof Worx and like all people we appreciate our hardwork being recognized. Many thanks to Brian and Tanya for letting us assist you in your time of need and sending Roof Worx this kind, heartfelt note.

“We want to thank you for all your support and customer service with the replacement of our roof. The situation prior to your involvement left us in a real bind and you only had about one week to help us resolve prior to the sale of our home. You took the time to understand the promises made by the last roofing company, who disappeared on us. By having the extensive background in the industry and working with the insurance companies, you helped us understand how the last company was dishonest in their “promises”. You handled contacting the insurance company after the first company had only a partial replacement covered under our homeowner’s policy. However, the city code does not allow for a partial replacement for the type of material on our roof. As consumers, we would have never known this and could have paid someone else and been liable for correcting the problem. The roof was completed in one day and passed the midway city inspection. The roof was completed the day before we were set to close/sell our house; we are still impressed you pulled this off. You pulled the workers off other jobs to fulfill ours and it was amazing how quickly and efficiently everyone worked together. In addition, Roof Worx has been patient with receiving full payment due to the initial time constraints and the insurance requirements, which Brian Benson helped us overcome. We could have not asked for a better company to be on our side during this challenging time.

On top of all of Brian’s outstanding customer service, he came back with another Roof Worx’ professional, Thomas Miller, after the roof was completed to help us load our moving truck with the heavier items. A roofing company who also will help you move, who knew there are still people who care. We were blessed to have Roof Worx and Brian Benson working with us and teaching us how true professionals in their industry are supposed to conduct business.

We recommend Roof Worx and Brian Benson to anyone who is in need of a new roof; they will be satisfied throughout the entire process.

Brian and Tanya of Thornton, CO”