Buyer Beware!

When looking for the best local Denver roofing company to repair or replace damage to your roof from wind, hail or other disasters, did you do your due diligence or did you settle for the “Chuck in a Truck” that happened to be in your neighborhood?

Roof WorxIn the roofing industry, the “Chuck in a Truck” is typically a person who has some experience installing roofs. Most likely, they have come from a roofing crew and thought that they could do a “better job” than their employer and struck out on their own to find fame and fortune. Unfortunately, these individuals are long on talk, but short on skills or business knowledge.

No doubt you have heard “Cheaper is not always Better” and when looking for a reputable, local Denver roofing company, most of the time, that saying holds true. Finding a roofing company that carries Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance, that has excellent references and is licensed can sometimes be a challenge. As your local Denver and Front Range roofing contractor, Roof Worx is fully insured, complies with OSHA standards and training, is fully licensed and has skilled, professional crews.

Every year, particularly after a storm event, unlicensed, uninsured contractors flood an area in hopes of making their “fortune”. Unfortunately, it is these individuals, the “Chuck in a Truck”, that promise a homeowner the world, take their insurance money, complete inadequate repairs and are never to be seen or heard from again. Here are a few favorite scams that these unscrupulous characters pull on unsuspecting homeowners.

  1. Roof Worx“I’m in the area and have some extra materials in my truck.  I noticed that your shingles are in need of some repair.  I can help you today and only charge you half price.”
  2. “If you pay cash, I can give you a better deal.”
  3. “I am working in the area so I can give you a special deal because my operating costs are low.”
  4. Charging for upgraded materials and then installing sub-standard or stolen materials.

If you hear any of the above items, it should be an instant red flag. Don’t let yourself be “Chuck’s” next victim. Due your due diligence and ask to see licenses, insurance, and get references of local recent jobs – and call the references. Above all, remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

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