Attic Insulation for your Colorado or Wyoming home!

Roof Worx is teaming up with the Owens Corning mascot, THE PINK PANTHER™ to ensure you aren’t just getting shingles over your head, but a complete roofing system. Insulation and ventilation are key factors that are very important for your homes performance and energy efficiency. Confined moisture and heat in your attic space can hinder your roof’s performance and cause extensive damage.

Attic moisture can cause:
• Metal rust
• Mold, fungi, mildew
• Possible insect infestation
• Damp wood resulting in sagging decking
• Interior damage

Attic heat can cause:
• Reduce roofing materials lifespan
• Ice dams which can lead to damaged ceilings, walls, insulation and roof structure

Owens Corning PINK® FIBERGLAS™ Blown-In Insulation is an affordable and a green solution. Made with 99% natural materials it is blown-in using a machine that fluffs the insulation during installation creating millions of tiny air pockets that will not settle therefore maintaining the same energy-saving R-Value over time. Recommended R-Values vary depending on your location. Recommended R-Values for the Front Range, throughout Colorado and Wyoming are typically R-49 to R-60 or about 16 inches of insulation. Give Roof Worx a call for your no obligation energy audit and estimate!