Are you gearing up for that beautiful Colorado spring weather? We are! Make sure your roof is ready too!

Spring is a traditional time to clean up the house, both inside and outside. While you are outside enjoying the sunshine by mowing the grass or planting your garden, make sure you take some time to examine and maintain your roof. The nicer weather is the perfect time to take a moment to assess if any damage was done during the harsh Colorado winter and to make sure your house is prepared for another one.

First, inspect your trees. They shouldn’t have any branches hanging close to the roof. When the next windy day or surprise snowfall hits, a branch could press down or rub along the roof, causing easily preventable damage. Next, make sure that there aren’t leaves or other debris clogging the gutters or downspouts so that water won’t pool up and damage the roof or your foundation. Also, make sure that there isn’t any mold or algae growing on your roof. Finally, if you notice that any shingles have come off or look damaged, they should be promptly repaired by a professional.

Perhaps you’ll notice the small debris on your driveway and sidewalk from the last rain is actually the granules from your shingles, or you’ll find a shingle that has been blown to the ground from a particularly windy Colorado storm. Maybe you’ll scratch your head as you ponder your roof and wonder if it is supposed to look saggy or you will look up inside your house and realize that there are stains on your ceiling. All of these are signs that last winter was your roof’s last winter and you need to get a new roof up there fast before more serious damage occurs!

If you see something that concerns you, have no fear – Roof Worx is Denver’s most trusted roofing provider and our free 14-point inspection and expert insurance assistance will have your home protected from the severe weather changes we always experience here in Colorado.