Manufacturer Warranties and Workmanship Warranties for Denver Roofers

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Warranties for Denver Roofers When you sign up with a Denver Roofing Company, one of your many questions is "What type of warranties does my contact come with?"  Well, Roof Worx your local Denver roofing contractor only purchases quality roofing products from well-established roofing manufactures that will insure that you receive a manufacturer's  warranty, built

It was a dark and stormy night

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Okay, so the sentence is a little cliché, but the fact is that dark and stormy nights DO happen, and they are sometimes followed by messy mornings. Maybe you know the kind I am talking about: tree branches, leaves, and roof shingles on the lawn, dents or maybe even holes in your roof letting in

Commercial Denver Roofer

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The Denver roofing contractor, Roof Worx not only installs residential roofing, but also specializes in Denver commercial roofing.  Our Haag certified Denver roofing inspector, as well as our expert production team, worked extensively on a commercial project for a local liquor store which involved the removal and installation of 90 squares of commercial flat roofing. 

Ice, Ice, Baby!

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Ice can be beautiful, dangerous, and pernicious. Those glorious icicles hanging from your roof could be ice dams, allowing water to accumulate and sit on your roof and ultimately leading to leaks and damage. It is hard to remember with the amazingly warm weather we have been having this summer along the Front Range and

Denver Roofer – Project Complete

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As a local Denver, CO roofing company, Roof Worx takes pride in installing each new roof.  That pride in a project often results in referral business.  As a Denver roofing company, referral business is an essential part of sustaining our company, as well as fostering growth potential.  After the hailstorm which damaged many homes in

Denver Roofer – Roof Worx

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Denver Roofing Contractor Did you know that your local Denver, CO roofer, Roof Worx, also works in Centennial, Colorado doing roof replacements?  We are a Denver roofing company that specializes in both residential and commercial roofing in Denver.  One such project involved replacing a deteriorated wood shake roof for a customer.  The homeowner had contacted

Look for Roof Worx TODAY at the MSCD Spring Job Fair!

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Roof Worx is gearing up for the Spring Metropolitan State College of Denver 2012 Job Fair at the Tivoli Center! We're looking forward to meeting some great candidates to add to our already awesome team! Roof Worx is hiring the following positions: -Receptionist/Administrative Assistant -Canvasser/Sales Team Member -Web Application Engineer If we missed you at

Referrals for Denver Roofers

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Referrals are a Great Source for New Customers for Denver Roofers As your Denver roofing company, Roof Worx customers come from many different sources.  However, many of our new customers are a result of referrals from our past customers.  Not only do new customers get a personal referral to Roof Worx from a neighbor, family